2017-06-17 15:17:44 by AdamBartha

It has been almost a year since I've last uploaded a track and I'm pretty sure I'm in a "creative crisis". Tons of unfinished projects, zero willpower. And no, I'm not thinking about stopping, I just need that spark.

2017, etc.

2016-12-31 10:14:22 by AdamBartha

Well, that particular day in a year has come again. Every social media site is stuffed already with those posts, again... I'll then be that x-billionth person to say the same: Happy New Year, have a fantastic 2017 (well, at least a bit better than 2016) and Inhumane will be probably done this year. Sadly I couldn't finish it due to exam preparations and stuff, but trying to. Until that, enjoy the last hours of 2016 and don't forget to get drunk enough (if you wish of course)! Cheers.

Recent days...

2016-10-31 08:11:16 by AdamBartha

I've got like 20 other ongoing projects (including a 4-track EP) besides the Inhumane album's tracks (2 done out of 10, holy moly) - also this year is the year of final exams and graduation, so damn school takes so many hours away from my time too. Well, gotta be sharp, trying to keep the balance and stuff. Stay tuned...

Inhumane EP might be a Full Album!

2016-08-29 16:36:03 by AdamBartha

As the title says, yeah. I just decided to add a 5th track and then changed my mind. The 4-track EP will most likely be a full-length album with 7-10 tracks, I don't know yet. New track previews soon, woohoo. Also new cover art!






Almost 3 years have passed since I first tried to make something with the remix samples [see http://remix.nin.com] and now I felt like I'd be able to make a manly EBM/electronic rock remix of that, so I did start working. I plan it to be longer than the original of course (maybe even 6-7 minutes long), the tempo is reduced from 136 to 122 BPM, but I hope it won't be such a big problem for ya. Anyway, I've gotta do something for NGAUC aswell, as I couldn't submit a remix. July 27 is f*cking close, maybe I won't submit anything, but who cares about me, right?

Some new stuff...

2016-05-30 13:33:38 by AdamBartha

Just got myself a pair of headphones from the legendary brand Sennheiser, my life is complete now. Anyway, I've started some new projects - for 2 reasons actually: firstly for testing the headphones (which is spectacular) and secondly for experimenting with more IDM, EBM and industrial. I'm quite busy nowadays, so I might not be able to work on these that often, but as the time goes by, I'll have some more freetime to concentrate on progressing with new tunes.